Middle School Gathering

The Middle School Gathering is a highly interactive experience for youth in grades 6-8 and their adult leaders.  Each year, the Middle School Gathering is held on the Saturday and Sunday immediately before Martin Lutheran King, Jr. Day.  The ministry event lasts about 28 hours, but the memories last a lifetime.

Why does the Middle School Gathering happen?  A group of adult leaders recently answered that question with these statements:

  • "Connections to the larger church happen."
  • "It’s leadership development for the young people."
  • "It’s easy to participate."
  • "Groups are fortified and experiences get taken back home."
  • "A community is created where everyone can be in God’s love."
  • "All are outside their comfort zones, so people can be authentic with each other."
  • "Youth get to practice independence and learn life lessons together in a safe place."
  • "The MSG grows the “faith web” for each youth with additional caring adults."

The next Middle School Gathering will be held January 19-20, 2019, at a location still to be determined.  More information and online registration can be found here when it becomes available. 

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