God's IDEA

In 2002, Operation IDEA (now known as God's IDEA) was launched by the Nebraska Synod as a program to reach out to people of all ages, asking them to consider if God was calling them to serve as a pastor. The purpose of the program would be to encourage people to Invite, Discern, Excite and Act (IDEA) when it comes to attracing people to the ministry.

After several years, the conversation expanded to include conversations about calls to serve as a Minister of Word and Service (deacons). Since 2002, more than 300 people from middle school through adulthood have taken part in a retreat. Recently, the program was expanded to include deep and focused conversations on how God calls us to be in ministry in vocations other than as professional church workers.

The program relies on individuals such as yourself to invite others to attend one of several retreats. Who do you know with gifts for ministry? Who do you know with questions about God’s call in their lives? Who comes to mind when you read this?

For more information about God's Idea or upcoming events, please contact Pastor Paula Lawhead.

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